Pet Insurance and Wellness Plans

Taking care of a pet’s health is as important as your own. Health insurance can help protect your pet(s) and finances. Veterinary care can be expensive. Many insurers now offer different comprehensive health plans making it easier to afford large portion of veterinary bills when pet(s) get sick or injured. A visit to emergency or specialists costs thousands of dollars. Pet insurance coverage allows you worry free care for your pet(s) and your veterinarian to formulate a better care without the concern of expenses. There are many congenital diseases, which exhibit at a later age of the pet. Pet insurances now cover few of those diseases. Sickness in pets can occur at anytime. With pet insurance in place your pet(s) can be guaranteed to receive appropriate pet medical care at the most inopportune time. It is common to hear experiences of people who care for their pet(s):


“After having paid a lot of money to get our Fido’s knee fixed, we bought pet insurance which ended up saving his life just a few months later. He was in terrible pain and we ended up at a specialty where a surgery was performed that cost thousands of dollars and our insurance covered 80%.  Even though we would have gotten the surgery done but it would have financial hurt us. The insurance made sure that Fido got the best care”


Preventive, routine health care is key to longer, happier life for your pet(s). Wellness plans offered by insurance companies and veterinary hospitals include preventive care examinations, vaccines, deworming, dentals, and routine diagnostics: Blood work, Radiographs, ECG, and surgeries: ovariohysterectomy, and castration. Wellness plans are affordable since it allows 12 monthly payments with discounts on eligible items and services that are not included in the plan. Many pet guardians who use Wellness Care Plans are quick to acknowledge:


“Our family has always had pets but we lost a few because we were unable to afford expensive care. Now our veterinarian has them on Wellness Plan and they get routine examinations, twice in a year, and are regularly vaccinated, dewormed, altered and checked for diseases with diagnostics. Our pets are screened for diseases before they get affected”


Our furry friends deserve the best medical care. Now there are options, which help them live healthier, and longer lives.